Disclosure and Barring Service – Executive Recruitment


The DBS is about to launch it’s new exciting 5-year strategy. This strategic plan has been co-created by our staff and focuses on three key themes, Quality, Profile and People.

We know our work provides significant protection to the public and quality must be at the core of what we do. Quality in the products we provide and quality in the decisions that we make for our customers. Our plan will further improve a good performing organisation by modernising the services embracing technology.

We want to raise awareness of the DBS and the services we offer, keeping people informed through our communications, to increase public understanding and confidence in our organisation. We also want to be a respected and trusted organisation, working with our partners to play an influential role in the environment in which we operate.

We also want to continue to develop a talented and diverse workforce that understands how their contributions help to achieve our objectives and build a flexible, vibrant and contemporary workplace where our staff will be able to do their jobs using modern ways of working that are smart and which promotes OneDBS.

We are about to go on ab exciting journey, and you have an opportunity to not only be a part of the adventure but a key player in taking us forward.